McDaniel College’s Wellness Center serves to foster the physical, emotional, interpersonal and intellectual well-being of all students; so that, students can optimize their capacity to learn, reach their potential, and achieve their goals inside and outside the classroom.

The Wellness Center houses both Health Services and Counseling Services. We are located in the Winslow Center, 2nd Floor, and our telephone number is 410-857-2243.

Our office is open Monday through Friday, 8:30am-4:30pm. If you are experiencing an emergency outside of business hours, please contact the Department of Campus Safety at 410-857-2202. You may also call 911 or visit the nearest hospital.





Feeling stressed, depressed, or overwhelmed?

 Take a brief online questionnaire and connect to support through McDaniel College Counseling Services.

Stress, anxiety, and the pressures of school and day-to-day life affect all our students. Sometimes those pressures can negatively affect happiness, relationships with others, school performance, and feelings about yourself. Whatever you’re struggling with – it can sometimes feel overwhelming and hard to know where to turn for help.

The Interactive Screening Program (ISP) is a safe and secure online tool that anonymously connects you to a counselor at McDaniel College's Wellness Center to learn more about how you can get support for mental health concerns here on campus. 

Simply click, connect, and chat:  www.mcdanielwellness.org






Words of Wellness

Nurturing an attitude of gratitude helps us cope with stress. What are you grateful for today?

Emergency Resources

Department of Campus Safety
  • 410-857-2202

    Carroll Hospital Center
  • 410-848-3000

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
  • 1-800-273-TALK


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