Here's a little bit from the parents who attended Parent Preview in 2017...

“An opportunity that no parent should pass up”

“Everything about McDaniel College impressed us! We just attended Parent Preview and it was an excellent experience. If you are considering the value of the weekend but have not yet registered, I’d highly recommend taking the time to attend.”

“It reaffirmed McDaniel as our choice!”

"I am so utterly impressed with everyone of the staff and students we heard from and met; I love your accessibility, humor, professionalism, experience, phenomenal organizational skills and approach to learning and caring for our kids."

“This is a must for every new parent”

“Let’s get this straight. You are giving McDaniel your child and somewhere north of $160,000. Don’t you want to see what you bought?"

“I just want to say that my Husband and I were so very impressed with everything offered. It went well and didn’t seem to overload too much. If any parent is on the fence about doing the Parent Preview—we recommend to do it!”


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