2015 Parent Preview Registration

To register for Sunday, July 12 - Sunday, July 13, please visit the following link: http://admission.mcdaniel.edu/register/2015ParentPreview1

To register for Saturday, July 18 - Sunday, July 19, please visit the following link: http://admission.mcdaniel.edu/register/2015ParentPreview2

Registration fee is $130 per person from April 1 to June 5,

After June 5 Registration fee is $145 per person

Each session will begin at approximately noon on the first day and end at approximately 3:30pm on the second day. Registration includes an overnight stay in an air conditioned McDaniel College residence hall as well as all meals and snacks during your time on campus. Each attendee also receives a Parent Preview notebook with over 200 pages of information about McDaniel College. Parent Preview is the only time a hard copy of the notebook is available!


If you have any questions please contact Mary Dietz, the Office Manager for the Office of Student Engagement, at mdietz@mcdaniel.edu or
(410) 857-2265.

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