Office of Residence Life

The Office of Residence Life is dedicated to supporting our student body and the mission of McDaniel College. We believe that the education described by the First Principles goes beyond the academic classroom experience here at McDaniel. Learning to think and act critically, taking charge of your life to develop your unique potential, expressing yourself for your own satisfaction as well as the larger community, and sharing responsibility for the common good are all lessons that are enhanced by living on campus amongst your peers.  It is our goal to have the students leave the residence halls having learned something beyond their coursework here at McDaniel College.  Learning

Residence Life staff provide students with information and referrals to campus resources, educational programming in the halls, social gatherings to let the residence halls achieve a sense of community, assistance for individual students experiencing challenges, and a network of support for our residents at their home away from home.  


  • 2016-2017 HOUSING LOTTERY INFORMATION AVAILABLE! Housing deposit due March11! Lottery
  • Summer 2016 Housing Information Is Live! Summer
  • Prospective First Year Student with Questions? FYFAQ
  • Are you deposited as a new First Year student for Fall 2016? Living on campus? Fill out the roommate survey HERE
  • New student and looking to get your future room all set up? ResHallLinens
  • Vote for films to be included next month on Greenstream, our campus wide streaming movie service! Greenstreamvoting
  • Check out the new McCycles program sponsored by SGA and Campus Safety. Visit Winslow Center and you can now borrow a bike to travel locally! McCycles
  • Interested in knowing who is on call tonight for your residence hall?  Please check ReslifeOnCall
  • Looking for info on local mass transit or McDaniel Shuttle Services? ShuttleInfo


Office Updates

  • 10-14-2015: First Year Hall Flu Shot Clinics

  • 04-27-2015: Late Night Bowling Party Tickets STILL AVAILABLE!!!

  • 04-20-2015: Only a few FREE BOWLING PARTY TICKETS LEFT! Sign up today!

  • 04-13-2015: Sign up for the FREE LATE NIGHT BOWLING PARTY NOW!!!

  • 04-06-2015: Sign up for the FREE LATE NIGHT BOWLING PARTY NOW!!!

  • 03-05-2015: Skating Party Weather Announcement!

  • 03-03-2015: Only a few FREE SKATING PARTY TIX LEFT! SIGN UP TODAY!

  • 02-25-2015: SIGN UP NOW for the LN SKATING PARTY!


  • 02-19-2015: Housing Lottery 2015-2016, materials are now online!

  • 11-19-2014: January Greenstream Movie Voting Live!

  • 10-22-2014: Vote for December films on Greenstream!


  • 10-10-2014: Free Movie Streaming on Campus

  • 08-31-2014: Room Change Day, September 10!

  • 06-26-2014: First Year Roommate Survey Closed

  • 01-27-2014: Affinity Housing Information Posted

  • 11-01-2013: January Term Housing Application Available

  • 10-15-2013: RA Selection Process Has Started!

  • 10-04-2013: 10/9/13 Second Room Change Day

  • 08-30-2013: Room Change Day, 9/11/13

  • 05-28-2013: Opening/Closing Dates for 2013-14 Updated

  • 04-05-2013: Summer 2013 Housing Info

  • 04-03-2013: Walk-A-Mile

  • 03-26-2013: Lottery Numbers Are Posted!

  • 03-26-2013: Roommate Survey for Class of 2017 First Year Students is Active

  • 03-22-2013: 2013 Summer Storage

  • 03-22-2013: Spring 2013 Whiteford Events

  • 03-22-2013: Spring 2013 Rouzer Events

  • 03-22-2013: Poverty Simulation, April 11, Registration Open!

  • 02-12-2013: 2013-2014 Housing Lottery Information is Available!

  • 02-02-2013: Black History Night in GLAR!

  • 01-14-2013: 2013-2014 Affinity Housing Application Process Information Available

  • 11-21-2012: Happy Thanksgiving!

  • 11-16-2012: Fall Fest on 11-29-12

  • 10-23-2012: Resident Assistant Job Search Process is Open!

  • 10-01-2012: First Generation Student?

  • 09-27-2012: Jan Term Housing Application Available

  • 08-30-2012: Family Weekend Information

  • 08-28-2012: Room Change Day!

  • 08-08-2012: Alcohol Wise

  • 07-26-2012: Room Assignments Out

  • 07-11-2012: First Year Roommate Survey link is now closed

  • 06-27-2012: July 1st Deadline for Roommate Survey is Coming Fast

  • 06-11-2012: First Year Student Roommate Survey: Live!



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