McDaniel Residential Communities

McDaniel College offers a variety of different housing options and styles for a student to experience as they pursue their education here.  First year students are housed together and matched by college staff using a personality/lifestyle survey the incoming first year students complete electronically after they make the decision to join us.  After that, there is an annual housing lottery process in the Spring semester where returning students have the chance to identify their own roommate(s) and sign up for housing.

There are a variety of special interest housing options that McDaniel students can pursue during their time living on campus:

Honors Housing: Centered in Daniel MacLea Hall and the neighboring Forlines House, the students of McDaniel's Honors Program are able to live together throughout their time here.  With the smaller suite style housing design and the shared common rooms, the students in the Honors Program are able to come together for work or relaxing easily, and get to know each other across class groupings.  The main lounge in Daniel MacLea is also open to the Honors Program faculty to host events or speakers.

Substance Free Housing: While all three of our first year student residence halls are designated as being substance free, there are areas of campus designated each year during the lottery process as being substance free so students can continue to choose to live in such an environment as they progress.

Greek Housing: As opposed to having separate homes on or off campus owned by individual chapters, Greek letter organizations at McDaniel can apply during the lottery process to be assigned a floor or wing of a residence hall to enable them to all live together in a residence hall.  This enables them to stay easily connected with one another and still access the various services on campus easily.  For more information on Greek Life at McDaniel College, please visit with our Office of Student Engagement (OSE): Click HERE

Affinity Housing: McDaniel College often attracts a high number of students that have experience or an interest in community service, which led to the creation of this program years ago.  Each year during the housing lottery process, students can apply as groups to live in Affinity Housing.  Each group needs to identify a theme or topic that they intend to do philanthropy work around, elect or assign group leaders, and identify a faculty or staff member to serve as an advisor.  One approved, these groups are placed typically placed in one of our Pennsylvania Avenue Houses together, giving them a place to live and work together with a living room space and kitchen access.  Each member of the group commits to completing service hours and on campus programming each month, resulting in this program producing thousands of hours of service each academic year. For more information on Affinity Housing at McDaniel College, please visit our site: Click HERE

Language Housing: If you choose to major in one of the languages offered by McDaniel's Foreign Language department, or minor in American Sign Language, you will be challenged before graduation to either study abroad for a semester in a location that speaks your language of study, or to participate in one of these living-learning environments.  Each year the Foreign Language and ASL faculty select native speakers of Spanish, French, German, Arabic, and someone fluent in ASL, to come to McDaniel College and live in a house or apartment setting with our students and encourage the use of their language outside the classroom.  They also provide information to the students about their home and culture to provide a more well rounded understanding of the people that actively communicate with their respective languages.

Details and pictures of the individual residence halls, apartment buildings, or houses can be found through the various options below, sorted by the academic class years of students that typically live in each location.

  • For information about the halls where our first year student residence halls, please visit: FYHalls
  • Information about our predominantly sophomore and junior halls can be found at: SJHalls
  • For information about our campus apartments housing the senior and junior classes, please visit: UCHalls

To see where our residence halls are on campus, please view our campus map: McDanielMap
To see where Physical Plant focuses on snow removal during bad weather, please view: SnowMap

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